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Dieta antyhistaminowa TABELA - bezpłatny PDF

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Dieta przy nietolerancji histaminy

Zacznij odpowiednią dietę przy nietolerancji histaminy! Tabela diety antyhistaminowej jest całkowicie darmowa i pobierzesz ją w formacie PDF. Dieta antyhistaminowa zalecana jest przy nietolerancji histaminy.

Dieta antyhistaminowa tabela - jest opracowana na podstawie aktualnych badań naukowych i jest na bieżąco aktualizowana przez dietetyczkę mgr Joannę Marciszewską oraz mgr Aleksandrę Pośpiech, specjalistki w dziedzinie diety antyhistaminowej.

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Dieta antyhistaminowa tabela PDF - dla kogo?

If you havehistamine intoleranceand you want to introduce an antihistamine diet to minimize your symptomsdownload the table and find out:

  • where is histamine present and what products are its triggers,

  • how to lower the level of histamine in the body by changing the diet,

  • in which there is a large amount of histamine, and in which it is absent.

Pamiętaj, że dieta antyhistaminowa (zwana także jako dieta niskohistaminowa) opiera się nie tylko na odpowiednim doborze produktów, ale również na odpowiednim przechowywaniu i spożywaniu świeżych potraw.

How was this table of low-histamine products created?

The antihistamine diet table is based on scientific research into products rich in histamine and other biogenic amines, as well as histamine triggers and DAO inhibitors.


Why are there different product lists for an antihistamine diet?

Unfortunately, despite many years of research on this topic, it is still difficult to find a consistent table of products in an antihistamine diet. However, to facilitate its use, we have tried to create a uniform list that may change over the next months and years depending on new scientific reports. That is why it is very important to observe your own well-being and, in case of symptoms after the product, avoid it individually. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a few more years for good research in the field of products suitable for an antihistamine diet.


On an antihistamine diet, the freshness of food and products is important

ATTENTION! Even foods on the safe list of antihistamines can become illegal if not properly maintained and stored. For example, if we prepare a trout and eat it for the next 4-5 days, there is a chance that we will develop symptoms. Eating freshly prepared dishes, which will not stay away for a few days, is the basis of a low-histamine diet. Freezing can be a good idea as it will keep it fresh and prevent food waste.


Read product compositions!

Some dyes and preservatives are histamine triggers / DAO inhibitors. Be careful of the following substances:

  • benzoesan sodu, dwutlenek siarki, azotyny,

  • żółcień pomarańczowa,

  • czerwień allura,

  • azorubina,

  • czerń brylantowa,

  • tartazyna,

  • BHA, BHT, gallusany.

Who am I?

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I am a clinical dietitian, after completing my master's degree in dietetics at the Medical University of Wroclaw.

I specialize in managing patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and SIBO, using the knowledge of the principles and procedures of a low FODMAP diet.

In 2019, I completed a dietary research internship in the United States and completed the "Complete Guide to the Low FODMAP Diet" course.

My approach to diet therapy is holistic - during our visit I will tell you how to take care of your mental health while following the low FODMAP diet and what to pay attention to first of all.

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Professional, individual and reliable service in a nice atmosphere. You can see the commitment to each client, and the fact that Joanna has a lot of knowledge and is constantly expanding her. Thanks to Mrs. Joanna, me and my stomach feel much better, without taking a huge amount of drugs and doing pointless research for a lot of money.


Paulina M.

All the opinions that my patients wanted to share publicly can be found on the portal Znany Zdrowie , Facebook and Google .



Nietolerancja histaminy - dietetyk online opinie

Ms Joanna helped me with all the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, which significantly improved the quality of my life. Belly does not hurt and Joanna is a nice person. It took me well through all phases of the Fodmap diet. Easy and tasty meals.


Krystian K.

I recommend it with all my heart! Neatly arranged recommendations that quickly solved my gut problems :) Recommendations took into account my preferences, without trying to push the products I don't like. In addition, great supplementation that takes into account other health problems. Constant and very nice contact. Once again, I heartily recommend! :)


Magda B.

A very competent and specific nutritionist. He translates a lot, devotes as much time as is needed. The menu is arranged individually, taking into account everything I like. The diet looks great, as long as you want to take care of compliance. I would highly recommend



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