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What does the visit look like?

  • Office or video interview visit - the first meeting lasts approx. 60 minutes

  • During this time, your chosen clinical dietitian will discuss your plan

  • diet therapy

  • supplementation

  • diagnostic tests

  • After the visit, you receive a short e-mail summary

First visit (60 min)

190 zł

Next visit (30-40min)

140 zł

Image by Luke Southern

Meetings in English are conducted only by Joanna Marciszewska


Individual menu

  • Each menu is prepared individually within 7 days after the visit

  • Each recipe is described in detail, you will also receive a shopping list

  • Each day of the diet is different - you can repeat them and follow the diet for several weeks

  • Your health condition is taken into account, but also your favorite/disliked products

The visit price


7-day menu ENG

14-day menu ENG

449 zł

349 zł

Book your meeting

choose "In English"

  • Wizyta online z dietetykiem (60 min) + opcja diety na 7/14 dni

    1 godz.

    From 190 Polish zlotys
  • Wizyta + pomiar składu ciała (60 min) + opcja diety na 7/14 dni- ul. ...

    1 godz.

    From 190 Polish zlotys

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