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dietetyk online dieta low fodmap

ONLINE nutritionist

clinical nutritionist

MNutr Joanna Marciszewska

MNutr Aleksandra Pośpiech

Our specializations:

  • low FODMAP diet in IBS

  • diet in SIBO

  • diseases chronic diet

  • diet in insulin resistance

  • slimming diet

  • diet in sports

Dietetyk Joanna Marciszewska

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I graduated from the Medical University in Wroclaw (dietetics). I also have 20 certificates in the field of dietetics.

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I did an internship in the United States at the Hawaiian cancer treatment center. I have conducted many courses in the field of dietetics for companies.

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My patients say that during visits I give them energy and they begin to feel motivation. This is what my goal is - I make sure that the visits are your motivation.

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As a dietitian, I have made about 1,000 visits , I have written over 500 pages of articles on dietetics based on scientific research - just like the recommendations you will receive from me.


Check the opinions about me on the Znany Lekarz , Google reviews and Facebook .





Professional, individual and reliable service in a nice atmosphere. You can see the commitment to each client, and the fact that Joanna has extensive knowledge and is constantly expanding her. Thanks to Ms Joanna, me and my stomach feel much better without taking a huge amount of drugs and doing pointless research for a lot of money.

Revelation. Joanna is extremely professional, has a lot of substantive knowledge and, what captivated me most, an extremely individual and friendly approach to the client. Her comprehensive answers and detailed advice, based on a very careful analysis, have already significantly improved my daily life and feel and you can already see the first results. In addition, a huge dose of positive energy that plagues and mobilizes you to act! I would highly recommend!

Joasia has extensive knowledge of the physiology of the human body and health problems. It does not follow nutritional trends, it is based on medical literature and experience. Joasia takes into account our lifestyle and culinary preferences, so her dietary tips do not cause a revolution in our lives, but rather shape conscious and pro-health habits. Thank you Joanna once again for all the comments already implemented.

Ms Joanna is someone I was looking for, finally I could tell what my lifestyle really looks like and P. Joanna adapted the menu and diet to it, thanks to which it brings great results, great contact in case of any doubts, additionally an application that facilitates self-control and shopping, really I recommend it to all who do not want to change to their diet again (...)

Online dietitian Joanna Marciszewska - I am a clinical dietitian, a graduate of the Medical University of Wroclaw. I help my patients in strengthening their motivation for a diet and planning real changes. I specialize as a dietitian in the low FODMAP diet. This is a diet for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The low FODMAP diet can also be part of SIBO therapy - it is introduced after the end of antibiotic therapy. The low FODMAP diet brings very good results, it helps to reduce ailments such as flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation. Due to the fact that the FODMAP diet is demanding and its introduction requires extensive knowledge, the dietitian plays an extremely important role for people who decide to apply the low FODMAP diet. That is why I help IBS and SIBO patients to go through all stages of the low FODMAP diet and as an online dietitian, I am in constant contact with people who start their journey with the low FODMAP diet. As a clinical dietitian, I pay attention to the fact that the low FODMAP diet is fully balanced and contains the right amount of minerals and vitamins. Recipes for a low FODMAP diet can be simple, tasty and varied - a low FODMAP diet does not have to be monotonous.

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